Thank you so much to everyone who shared our special day. Scott and I are so happy we had many family, friends, neighbors, church family, and kids to celebrate with us. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of hugs, texts, phone calls, cards, gifts, and support we have received. It means so much to us.

This is a picture of the full bridal party next to the barn and in front of the soybean field.

Love this picture with our Australian Shepherds. The girls are on the left-Christy & Lucy. The boys are on the right-Scott & Deuce.

We left Monday after the wedding for the honeymoon in Southeast Texas. We flew into Corpus Christi and drove down to Kingsville for our first night (30 minutes south of Corpus Christi). The next day we visited “King Ranch“, a historic ranch that covers 825,000 acres near the previous Santa Gertrudis River. The ranch has reinvented and diversified itself several times over. It currently operates in beef, equine, orange, sod, and cotton production. It has land devoted to habitat preservation and hunting purposes as well. We took a personal tour and I will be posting a blog on the differences in agriculture from the east coast to the deep south. We spent the day in Kingsville checking out the town and shops as well as a satellite campus of Texas A&M University. That night we drove back to Corpus Christi and spent the rest of the week on the beach, which is on the Gulf of Mexico. We caught an awesome Blake Shelton concert and drove to San Antonio (about 2 hours) to see the Alamo. The weather was good most of the week, just very hot-95 degrees or more each day. We debated even going on a honeymoon but I’m so glad we did. I know we would’ve never went if we waited. But we were also happy to come home and see our dogs and open all the gifts!!! Thanks again to everyone who shared this time with us.


Christy & Scott Wright

For the “Buy Local” series regarding the wedding,  see the links below:

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Thank you to everyone who shared our special day!

Thank you to everyone who shared our special day!

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