Sharing Ag in Our Area!

One of my original hopes for this blog was to combine and share ag related events in our area. I first did so in my “2012 Save the Dates for DE Agriculture” post. Here’s the latest update:

  • The Pennsylvania Farm Show starts tomorrow! Jan. 7-14, Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, Harrisburg, PA. The theme this year is “From Farm Gate to Dinner Plate”, which is perfect to showcase ag to consumers. Scott (my boyfriend) just got back from it and said there are quite a few displays that are true to life. For example, he said there is a poultry house that you can actually walk through to help visitors understand exactly how chickens are grown. He also said they’re building a huge cornucopia at the front gate to showcase the theme! I always look forward to seeing the butter sculpture every year. I found pictures online already and it depicts a young 4-H dairy showmen accepting his ribbon from a dairy princess and it honors the 100th anniversary of PA 4-H. So cool! See here.
  • DE Ag Week is coming up fast! Jan. 16-21. Many informative workshops are offered. See more here.
  • You can still register for the “Friends of Ag Breakfast” on Jan. 20, 7:15am, Harrington Fire Hall. Governor Markell & Senator Carper are speaking. Call Alice Moore at 302-831-2504. I just called this week! There are still seats left!
  • You may still be able to get tickets for the “41st Annual Ag Industry Dinner”, Jan. 26, 5pm, Dover Downs. Featured speaker is USDA Secretary-Mr. Tom Vilsack. See this press release for more info.
  • Online registration just opened for the regional “11th Annual Women in Ag Conference”, Feb. 9 & 10, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. The workshop offered range from social media advice to environmental concerns and even farm finance topics for women. I just chose my workshops and sent my registration in. This will be the 2nd attendance for me. I really enjoyed it last year and can’t wait to share what I learn this year. Here’s the registration form.

Hope to see you supporting Ag at one of these events! If not, then you can check back here for updates and results!

To Blog……Or Not To Blog?!

I’ve mulled over it long enough. What’s the correct way to blog? What’s my point? Are there too many other blogs out there now? And the list goes on and on and on. So I narrowed it down to my final 3 concerns:

  1. What angle to write from? (my perspective or Little Wagon Produce perspective)
  2. Can I keep up with it? (family, boyfriend, full-time job, part-time jobs, friends, etc)
  3. Do I really have something unique to say and, more importantly, who will want to read it?

And here’s what I realized:

Sooner is better than later. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t start this winter, since it’s my down time from the busy summer. I decided to portray my perspective for now because I’m learning so much in my new full-time position with Nemours and I have much to share about how it connects with my agricultural background.  I know it will be unique because I have a broad range of topics to cover from the history of ag, family experiences, customer recipes, consumer myths and questions, and local policy issues relating to ag. Plus I have a new project called Common Ground to tell you about, too. Therefore, I feel it would be very selfish of me NOT to share! I haven’t quite figured how I’m going to keep up with it but I’m hoping it comes naturally. I also pray that this blog will give me great contentment as I strive to inform, educate, and shed light on topics that are in much need of transparency.

Ok, enough said, I’ve got blogs to write! 🙂