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I’m Christy Vanderwende Wright, Farmer Dan’s daughter, and I’m passionate about agriculture, family, food, health and policy. This happened naturally for me because I was lucky enough to grow up with a loving family and a farm in my back yard. I grew up watching my dad and extended family work hard for our family farming business. I also watched my mom take care of me and three other siblings full-time; a blessing many children do not have these days. She toted us to little league games, Sunday school classes, 4-H meetings and school sports practices. These activities shaped me into the person I am today but the most impactful was 4-H. My three central projects were dairy, horticulture or gardening, and public speaking. My dairy project taught me responsibility and patience by caring for and showing my dairy cows. My horticulture and gardening project turned into a long-term family business for me (Little Wagon Produce) and my siblings and paid for our first cars and college education. It also taught me business and marketing skills. My public speaking project enabled me to have confidence in myself and to excel in many professional positions such as teaching. I am so thankful for what 4-H did for me.

Thanks to my extracurricular work, I received an agriculture scholarship to University of Delaware in 1997. I chose to double major in Food & Agribusiness Management and Agricultural Education. I graduated in 2001 and hated the fact that the word “Food” was in my degree title and tended to shorten it to “Agribusiness” only. But now, many years later, I’m proud because I realize that “Food” is a way that all people can connect. Through working with my family’s produce farm, I realize that many people have become disconnected from food products, while others have become much more informed.

In 2009, I finished my Master’s degree in Public Administration at Wilmington University. My coursework introduced me to a whole new world of public policy. I had no idea so many public policy issues existed! This connected my studies to politics and since Delaware is such a small state, I had no problem getting involved in campaigns and local issues. I owe my interest in politics to my maternal grandmother. Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop Messick took us all over the state when we were little and introduced us to many people, as well as state history (Pea Patch Island, Woodland Ferry, parades, the beach, etc.). This lead to 8 years working in state government and 4 1/2 years teaching agriculture at the middle and high school levels.

I was married in 2012 to Scott Wright, who also loves agriculture, too. We own a small farm west of Harrington and currently breed club lambs and Australian Shepherd pups. We both work full-time off the farm.

The goal of this blog is to better connect and inform the ag community with the citizens of Delaware, so that we can all lead healthier lives.

Sincerely, Christy

Contact info: christyvwright@gmail.com

Current/Former Boards Served:

For more information about our family business and Farmer Dan, see Little Wagon Produce website.

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