No New Ag Legislation

The House and Senate Agricultural Committee’s came together last Wednesday, March 25 for the first committee meeting this year. Rep. Carson called the meeting to order but the Secretary of Ag led the conversation. No new ag legislation will be introduced this year. The meeting was short and straight to the point. To emphasize the impact of past legislation, Mr. Kee passed out a handout listing agriculture legislation since 2010. See the handout below.


In attendance:

SENATE Agriculture Committee:

  • Sen. Pettyjohn-(R) Georgetown
  • Sen. Richardson- (R) Laurel

HOUSE Agriculture Committee:

  • Rep. Carson-(D) Smyrna-CHAIR
  • Rep. Q. Johnson-(D) Middletown-VICE CHAIR
  • Rep. Paradee-(D) Dover
  • Rep. Lynn-(D) Dover
  • Rep. Outten-(R) Harrington
  • Rep. Kenton-(R) Milford
  • Rep. Peterman-(R) Milford
  • Rep. Wilson-(R) Bridgeville
  • Rep. Collins-(R) Millsboro


  • Ed Kee, State of Delaware, Secretary of Ag
  • Bill Satterfield, Delmarva Poultry Industry (DPI)
  • Pam Bakerian, DE Farm Bureau, Executive Director
  • Andy Berger, Retired Dairy Farmer

Missing Members from the Committee’s:

  • Sen. Ennis-(D) Smyrna-CHAIR
  • Sen. Hall-Long-(D) Middletown
  • Sen. McBride-(D) Hawk’s Nest
  • Rep. Mulrooney-(D) Pennwood
  • Rep. Bennett-(D) Dover

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