New Ag Committee Assignments

I recently blogged about the ag experience of our current legislators and the importance of agriculture committee chairmanship. This past Monday, the 148th General Assembly committee assignments and chairs were announced. If you would like to see a solution to an ag-related policy problem, these are the legislators you need to talk to! The members for each chamber are as follows:

SENATE Agriculture Committee:

Sen. Ennis-(D) Smyrna-CHAIR

Sen. Hall-Long-(D) Middletown

Sen. McBride-(D) Hawk’s Nest

Sen. Pettyjohn-(R) Georgetown

Sen. Richardson- (R) Laurel

HOUSE Agriculture Committee:

Rep. Carson-(D) Smyrna-CHAIR

Rep. Q. Johnson-(D) Middletown-VICE CHAIR

Rep. Paradee-(D) Dover

Rep. Mulrooney-(D) Pennwood

Rep. Bennett-(D) Dover

Rep. Lynn-(D) Dover

Rep. Outten-(R) Harrington

Rep. Kenton-(R) Milford

Rep. Peterman-(R) Milford

Rep. Wilson-(R) Bridgeville

Rep. Collins-(R) Millsboro

You can see all of the committee assignments here under the “Committees” link. The new session begins next Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015.

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