Raw Milk Bill Dead & Farm Truck Tag Changes

This past Tuesday HB 150DE’s Raw Milk Bill was introduced on the House floor in the DE General Assembly. Besides the Dept of Ag opposing, a prominent DE dairy farmer was invited to testify why he opposes the bill. Mr. Walt Hopkins stated that he was afraid more regulation would come to the industry if raw, unpasteurized milk was legal to sell directly to consumers. He said the industry already has enough inspection and didn’t need more. Another legislator asked the bill’s prime sponsor, Rep. Outten, if the constituent who approached him to sponsor the bill was a farmer. The answer was no. The same legislator also asked him if the passage of this bill could potentially harm children in Delaware who drink milk. The answer was yes. And that was the end of DE’s attempt to join 30 other states and legalize raw milk sales. Not sure why he didn’t ask many of the dairy farmers in his district to support the bill (such as the Busker’s, Knutsen’s or Vogl’s). Final roll call: 26-no, 14-yes. Here’s the results from my poll:

Would you purchase and/or consume raw milk from a DE farmer if legalized?

Answer Votes Percent
Yes, I would purchase and/or consume raw milk from a DE farmer. 24 60%
No, I would not purchase or consume raw milk period. 14 35%
Unsure. I need to research more. 2 5%

, SB 62 was brought to a final vote and passed. This bill would allow farmers to register their trucks, semitrailers, and trailers with an “FT” tag at the reduced registration fee. The bill is pretty straightforward and short in language. It also clarifies that FT Tags may be used for personal use other than non-farming commercial use, understanding that all FT tagged vehicles are required to have auto insurance. The bill passed both chambers and awaits the Governor’s signature. ****PLEASE NOTE: Originally I got this bill confused with HB 122, which sets out to replace the “farm vehicle” tags.  This bill is sitting on the Senate ready list. I doubt it will make the agenda this time around but the bill will carry over into next session.

In case you’re curious, here’s a link to DE State Code on current farm vehicle registration and a DMV document on Motor Vehicle Laws affecting DE Farmers.

2 thoughts on “Raw Milk Bill Dead & Farm Truck Tag Changes

  1. This doesnt make a lot of sense to me. FT tags are already through DMV. Thats where ours came from. Its on a registered vehicle and looks like FT####. Farm Use tags are from the farm bureau. FT tags have nothing to do with Farm Use tags.

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