Plug for Annie’s Project 2013

Annie's Project 2012-Georgetown, DE graduates

Annie’s Project 2012-Georgetown, DE graduates

This is a picture of the 2012, Georgetown, DE “Annie’s Project” graduates.  This time last winter, I signed up for the short course and it was a great decision and time well spent. The course is held one night a week, for 8 weeks, with locations in Delaware and Maryland. The closest location for me was at the UD Carvel Research Center in Georgetown, DE, which it will be held again this year. Topics ranged from estate planning, tax considerations for farm businesses, farm transfers, farm insurance, and credit reports. It’s a great starting point for anyone who is potentially interested in starting or operating an ag-related business. I also walked away with a large binder of information, new friends, and a wealth of information. This year’s class starts on Jan. 30 and the cost is only $75. This includes dinner! Winter is the perfect time to do something like this. Just do it!

Even better news is there is a “Annie’s Project II” being offered as well; focus will be on retirement, succession, and estate planning. I plan to wait a few years to take this one.

Any questions? Call Tracy Wootten at 302-856-7303 or see UMD link for Annie’s Project here.

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