Happy 2013, especially to the Hudson Family!

The highlight of 2012 for many in the Ag industry came on Thursday, December 20. You’ve probably already heard the good news. U.S. District Judge Nickerson ruled in favor of the Hudson family, as well as Eastern shore farmers and Perdue. Actually, the verdict sets a precedent for farmers across the nation, especially poultry farmers, because the same situation is occurring to all who live and operate near major waterways. I recently read about farmers in the southwest, who live near tributaries leading into the Mississippi River, and are just beginning to learn what the word “nutrient management” really means.

As a follow-up to “The Impact of One Decision on Ag“, here’s a list of links reporting the good news:

There are many more articles out there, reporting the outcome of this three-year long case. As I said before, MANY were watching this case closely. I trust 2013 brings a sigh of a relief and healing to this family and all involved. I also hope it gives the poultry industry a boost, as it enters 2013 with unpredictable feed costs and potential antibiotic regulations. Regardless, I’m so thankful that the judge released his 50 page ruling before the Christmas holiday. Thanks also to all the groups and farmers who supported the family through this lawsuit. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Hudson’s, Delmarva Poultry Growers, and Perdue!

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