A “Buy Local” Wedding-The Honeymoon

It was fair week and we still had no clue where to go for a honeymoon. I knew we were running out of time since options and prices fluctuate the longer you wait for air travel. I had already called 2 local travel companies for suggestions other than the typical “Sandals Resorts”. One never called me back and the other seemed perturbed that we didn’t know exactly what we wanted. So I finally asked Scott, “Where have you always wanted to go, but never had the chance?” His response…King Ranch. I had never heard of it before besides the series of Ford trucks which display its name. I looked it up and realized the history is rich in southern agriculture. It was perfect for us since we don’t like to just sit on the beach all day. I also realized flights to Texas aren’t simple; they usually require at least one change over. Since the ranch is near the Gulf of Mexico, in the middle of nowhere towards the east coast of Texas, I needed help figuring out which city was closest and whether or not it would be best for us to visit before and/or after the ranch. I knew it would be hard to find someone to help with me this because the agent most likely won’t make much off booking my accommodations for something like this.

I reached out to my friend Wendy, because she seems to know a lot of people and said, “Do you know any good travel agents?” Her response was, “You need to call Dianne Webb.” And the rest is history. I called Dianne and she spent the whole next day scouting the best flight prices and drafting an itinerary for us. Wow, talk about immediate service! No less than 24 hours she had our trip booked and I had every email confirmation we needed-the air, hotels, rental car, even the personal tour we booked. I thought that was it and I was very appreciative. But on top of all this, I met with her for a quick 15 minutes one morning and she had printed everything we needed, including an itinerary and compiled it all in a nice little pocket folder. I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this was, especially in the midst of the wedding activity and events. We left the Monday after the wedding and it was so nice to pull out this nice little neat folder and be ready to go.

The perfect little blue folder…everything in one place for our trip.

Everything was printed for us and in order by day! Cute luggage tags for us, too.

This was our itinerary, complete with confirmation numbers, hotel names, dates and times.

Dianne tends to specialize in Caribbean vacations but she will listen to whatever you have in mind and research options for you. In the beginning, she asked me, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to an all-inclusive resort for your honeymoon?” But once I explained to her the ag connection and that this was a place Scott always wanted to go, she got on it ASAP. And she says she had fun doing it. I think this is key – exceptional service comes from those who love what they do. And she loves what she does. It says it all in her tag line – “Above and Beyond.” Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Contact Info for Dianne’s Travel!

***For an update on the wedding page and the honeymoon, see here: https://farmerdansdaughter.com/wedding/

3 thoughts on “A “Buy Local” Wedding-The Honeymoon

  1. Always good to hear stories about good customer service. It’s almost a lost art in our society. Sounds like a great place for a honeymoon.

  2. Thanks, Jim. Hope you’re well. Gene-I wanted to go to South Padre but we ran out of time. What did you like about it best? It was sort of dead in Corpus Christi but that was fine for us because we wanted to just lay low and rest. I guess their beach season is the same as ours so they just came off the rush. The ranch was awesome though. Loved driving in the middle of nowhere with nothing to see but endless fields and sky. 🙂

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