A “Buy Local” Wedding: Gifts From The Heart

If you ever need a one-stop-shop for flowers, decorations, and event coordination near Harrington, look no further. Just head east on Rt. 14 going towards Milford and stop at “Gifts From The Heart” and ask for Teresa Murphy. She can help you above and beyond just flowers!

Teresa approached my sister last spring and said, “I heard your sister is getting married. Tell her I do wedding flowers now”. I had no idea. My Mom had already contacted her friend for my flowers, but I reached out to her anyway to see what else she does and because I had a feeling I might need more help. I’m so glad I did because I had a limited amount of time to decorate and I was extremely distracted since everything was happening at once and my phone was ringing every 5 minutes. I had no time left after decorating tables, running errands, and putting things together.

The first thing she did for me was arrange some fall silk flowers in two old nail kegs that I found at an antique store. I got the silk flowers on sale at Pier 1 Imports and Teresa added in some greenery to make them full. I loved how she arranged them and the best part is…I can keep them forever, unlike the cut flowers!

I found the 2 old nail kegs at Beene’s Antique Store in Milford. The fall silk flowers were on sale at Pier 1 Imports back in the winter. Teresa Murphy of Gifts from the Heart arranged both nail kegs, which I used on the end of our gift table. They were well worth the money because I can keep them forever, unlike the cut flowers!

Then she spent all day Friday decorating the pergola, which was the main focal point of our reception. I bought most of the supplies but I would have never known how to implement them the way she did. And the result was beautiful!!!

Teresa used burlap, ivory sheers, lights, and tie wraps to decorate this pergola for me. I got the lanterns from Pier 1 Imports and had no idea how I was going to use them……but Teresa did!!!

She also arranged some cut flowers in mason jars (which my sister bought and decorated for my shower) for our rehearsal dinner. This worked out great because I was able to reuse them at the reception the next day to accent the bar and cake tables and even the bathroom. I also reused a large amber vase for a picture mat signing table. It was beautiful and using everything twice just made me feel like it was well worth the money. It was also close and convenient for me since my rehearsal dinner was held at Georgia House Restaurant (another local venue)!

This is the large amber vase Teresa arranged with cut flowers for my rehearsal dinner. I reused it at the reception for the picture mat signing table. It was perfect!

I didn’t know it until after the fact but she can also coordinate your wedding ceremony. I definitely could’ve used this since we were in a back room at the church and had no idea what was going on in the sanctuary. And on top of all this, she can also arrange beautiful wedding bouquets for the entire bridal party.

Love the way Teresa wrapped this bouquet.

I’m so glad I could support a small, local, family owned business. The most important thing you should know about Teresa is…she keeps up on current trends and listens to what you want. You can find Teresa on her website, Facebook, and Pinterest. Or you can call the shop at 302-398-4449 and/or email her at giftsfromtheheartde@gmail.com . Thanks so much, Teresa!

Teresa Murphy, Gifts From The Heart
Harrington, DE

7 thoughts on “A “Buy Local” Wedding: Gifts From The Heart

  1. I agree, Teresa is great to work with. She recently did the flowers for my sons wedding and it was beautiful. My now daughter-law was very happy to say the least. I think Teresa has some of the pics on her website…it’s the outdoor wedding back in May.

  2. Teresa does beautiful work. I remember years ago my cousin had a wedding on a budget and decided to use silk flowers instead of real ones for everything but her bouquet. I still have the centerpiece she gave me, it is an absolutely beautiful keepsake.

  3. Yes, Teresa is the BEST! Her flower arrangements are wonderful. My daughter’s wedding flowers (white calli lilies w/purple centers, green berries, etc.) were STUNNING!! Teresa’s a natural at it, and one of the kindest people I know!

  4. I love her shop and her designs. You said it perfectly Christy. She is such a genuine and caring person and that comes through with her beautiful work.

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