A “Buy Local” Wedding – The Locale

It’s no secret that there is a Buy Local movement sweeping our country, especially when it comes to food. Consumers have embraced the fact that the earlier and closer the fresh food product, the better the taste and quality. But the “Buy Local” movement can extend beyond local food products……

It’s also no secret by now that I’m getting married. I tend not to post things of this sort on social media sites but word usually travels pretty fast regardless of social media, especially in small towns. Since January 1, Scott and I have struggled to plan this monster. I think it’s finally safe to say that we’re in the homestretch since invitations have gone out, my dress is fitted, and the honeymoon is planned. Phew!

But the first decision we had to make was a big one—where to have it? As enticing as a destination wedding was to us, we knew it was not an option if I wanted my family to attend. Farmer Dan isn’t setting foot on a plane! And nor would my grandparents. So that left us with choosing an in-state wedding location.

The ceremony – I knew I wanted to get married in a church but was unsure of which one. I grew up in two local Bridgeville churches and both mean a lot to me. Both are very different venues. At the same time, Scott and I had started attending a local Methodist church that is close to our home. It is also what I consider a very “country” church setting. As we talked more, I realized our current church fit our entire theme very well. It also allows me to get ready for the big day in the comfort of my own home. Plus it means something to both of us, not just me. Part 1 done.

On to the reception…….the beach? Nope, it doesn’t mean much to us and we avoid it for the most part. A local winery? No, because many dates were already taken and they were not open to outside catering. A local fire hall? No, because the one we have a connection with was too small and many have become very pricey with limited options for decorating. I started brainstorming. A tent on the farm? No, because I knew this would be a lot of work for my family the week and day of the wedding (prepping, parking, etc.) and plus I really need to be able to control the environment for my grandparents, all of which are aging. That left us with one more close option: the DE State Fairgrounds. At first we thought their options would be too big, but the more we thought about it, we realized that more space may be better than not enough. Plus, the fairgrounds mean a lot to both of us since we both grew up at the Fair each July and loved participating in 4-H and FFA events there. The icing on the cake: we met at the Fair, in the Exhibit Hall, in March 2009 at the Livestock Expo Fundraiser! Part 2 done and our first big decision was final!

Our choice to “Buy Local” for our wedding started with the very first decision. It also initiated my thought to buy locally as much as possible for this special occasion. This is only happening once for me so why not make the most of it!!! Not only does it support local businesses, but its convenient for me as I try to fit this wedding planning stuff into my already hectic schedule. Did you know for every $1 you spend locally, 45 cents is reinvested locally? This also means more tax dollars go to schools, roads and jobs in your community. Therefore, I’m so glad I can support my local church. They aren’t charging me to use their facility but I will be sure to make a donation back to them, to help them continue to provide for our community. And the DE State Fair has made an effort to support DE and Kent County 4-H, not only with the annual State Fair, but by lending their facilities throughout the year for 4-H events at minimal cost, if any. So, I hope our small contribution for rental of their facilities continues that dedication.

Up next: A “Buy Local” Wedding – The Chow!

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