Speak Up on DE Ag Regulations!

Just passing along this information, as it relates to Delaware agriculture. I will be sure to tell my family, especially my dad (Farmer Dan) and grandfather. Smart move by Governor Markell to work on reducing regulatory hurdles for small businesses, as he ramps up his political campaign this fall. I know Rep. Dan Short (R) from Seaford has been a strong advocate for this idea as well. I’ll also be sure to tell my aunt and uncle, who just opened Vanderwende Farm Creamery yesterday, after MANY hurdles and setbacks from state regulations and permits (not related to Dept. of Ag).

Farmers and “ag”vocates, now is your chance to speak up! Here is the link for the info below: http://dda.delaware.gov/ExecutiveOrder36.shtml


Executive Order 36

Public Notice

On June 14, Governor Jack Markell signed Executive Order 36, launching a statewide program to identify and remove regulatory  hurdles in state government. Executive Order 36 is a  mechanism to review existing regulations and eliminate outdated, inconsistent,  or regulations that no longer serve their purpose. This agency would like  public input on its regulations. After formal comment, the agency will  consider the input received and streamline or change regulations accordingly. A  report on changes goes to the Governor and to the Delaware General Assembly in  June 2012.

As part of the review process, each state agency  will hold public hearings and accept written comments and suggestions on its  regulations.

The Department of Agriculture will hold hearings in each  county:

Monday, Aug. 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the  University of Delaware’s Carvel Research and Education Center, 16483  County Seat Highway, Georgetown.

Monday, Aug. 13, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Department of Agriculture headquarters, 2320 South DuPont Highway, Dover.

Monday, Aug. 20, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the James Gilliam Conference Center, 77 Reads Way, New  Castle.

Comments can also be submitted as part of this process  through Oct. 1, either online or through a printed form.

The printed form can  be mailed to Mark Davis, Deputy Principal Assistant, Delaware Department of  Agriculture, 2320 South DuPont Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901, or submitted via email.

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