Where Did Winter Go?

I was supposed to rest this winter. So much for that. I’ve been going non-stop in my spare time and much has been for ag related purposes. So much, in fact, that I didn’t blog the entire month of February. Right after the annual DE Ag Industry dinner, I began an 8 week class called Annie’s Project, on Wednesday nights. The first weekend of February I attended my 2nd conference for Common Ground in Charleston, South Carolina…and here it is March already and my family is back in the greenhouse.

To catch up for lost time, here’s a recap of national and state ag related news or events I’ve been following this winter:

  • First woman elected Chair of the United Soybean Board:Meet Vanessa Kummer
  • DE Public Archives released an Agriculture Photo Collection from Delaware in the 1920’s and 1930’s (I loved seeing many of the old farm practices captured in these pictures as well as some 4-H events!)
  • UD names new head of Cooperative Extension: Meet Ms. Michelle Rodgers (her start date is April 2nd!)
  • USDA closes 259 offices, including consolidation of 131 FSA offices (this link is the latest article from March 3)
  • Bill Gates Endorses Ag Research  (or watch  this Bill Gates video, supporting genetically modified food research) Our industry could use his voice more! I’m so glad he spoke up!
  • Annie’s Project Convenes (more to come on this 8 week agribusiness course for women) I graduate tomorrow night!
  • Common Ground launches new website: www.findourcommonground.com (more to come on this, too, but this website is an awesome resource to answer popular consumer questions) Take a few minutes to check it out!
  • Regional Women in Ag Conference was February 9-10, 2012 (I couldn’t find any media on this and I didn’t make it this year because of my full-time work but heard it went well!)
  • DE Farm Service Agency (FSA) Director named: Meet Mr. Bob Walls
  • National Ag Week & Agricultural Safety Awareness Week was March 4-10, 2012 (sponsored by the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety because it is one of the most hazardous industries)
  • National Ag Day was March 8, 2012 (sponsored by the Agriculture Council of America)

This is a quick list, but as you can see, there’s been no shortage of agriculture news and events this winter. With the early arrival of mild weather, it looks like there will be no rest for the weary in between seasons.  By the way, the first day of spring is next Tuesday, March 20. Just where did winter go?

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